AP. Dr. Aziman Madun, Chief Executive Officer

AP. Dr. Aziman Madon is our Professional Geologist (PG0461) and currently holding a position of Head of Department in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental. He is one of the members in Board of Geologist Malaysia (BoG), Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM) and Institute of Geology Malaysia. He has more than 10 years teaching experience especially geology related subjects in the university and involved in several ground water detection and investigation consultation projects. He also published a book entitled “Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering”.

Mr. Zailani Mansor, Executive Director

Mr. Zailani Mansur, Dip. Eng. (Mechanical) is the Founder and Managing Director of Preston Shipyard Sdn Bhd. He was in the engineering department when he served Malaysian Navy 13 year ago. Mr. Zailani Mansur was born in Muar Johor. He is an important asset in this company since he has wide business knowledge and networking. As the Managing Director of Preston Shipyard Sdn Bhd, he is known as a leader who deliver the task within the schedule and never late. His company was awarded by several International bodies such as Quality Award.

AP. Dr. Saiful Azhar Ahmad Tajudin, Executive Drector

Dr Saiful Azhar Ahmad Tajudin, PhD (Geotechnics), MEng (Civil Eng), BEng (Civil Eng).He is an expert in the field of geotechnics and geoenvironment. He is also active in consultancy work especially on site investigation (SI), soil slope design and analysis =, geophysics exploration, water and soil treatment for geoenvironment and groundwater resource as well as tube well installation. He publishes several good impact journals and has a wide experience in civil engineering works.

AP. Dr. Mohd Zainizan Sahdan, Executive Director

Dr Mohd Zainizan Sahdan, PhD (E.E), M.Eng (E.E), B.Eng (Computer Eng.) is an expert in electronic system engineering and design. He works with most of the research institutions in Malaysia and also has been invited as a visiting scholar in Indonesia. His works are focusing on the water treatment system and water related sensors such as E.coli and surfactant detectors. His works have been published in many research articles.